There are many ways to discover Ireland and especially the WILD ATLANTIC WAY.

At your convenience, I can organise outings in the open air.

A stay à la carte, choose your duration and your activities and I will take care of the organisation. From the moment you arrive at the airport or at One Rock Lodge, until your departure, you will be immersed in Western Ireland… its peat bogs, forests, moors, mountains but also its small towns and their many pubs…

Hiking, sea fishing, river or lake fishing, hunting, I can accompany you from breakfast to bedtime.

I want to be close to you, and within this framework, I will try to propose you the best activities, typical or bucolic

Fishing in the sea, lakes and rivers

Whether at sea or in freshwater, the legislation and the rigour of the Irish climate mean that fishing is little practised professionally, so there are plenty of fish when you're not looking for the record size... but there are sometimes big surprises...

Hunting - face to face - pointing dog training

From September to early November and from February to the end of March. Come and discover the beauty of the peat bogs and forests of Western Ireland. If, like me, you are passionate about working with dogs, or if you simply wish to improve the work of your companions thanks to the density of game, I will guide you on sometimes a little complicated terrain, but always rich in lessons.


Accompanied, let yourself be guided on the paths of the West, between sea and land. From Connemara to Nephin through the islands. Come and enjoy superb walks, with your family, easily accessible. Bring some rain gear, just in case ...